About Us

Me, I’m Supa Fly. Supa Dupa Fly.
~Missy Elliot

Our Story

PicNap™ Natural Hair Care Studio started the cultivating of natural hair in 1995. Kalimah Johnson, owner of the PicNap brand has been cultivating natural hair styles since the late 70’s and developed a sense of artistry in creating styles for black hair since the age of 8. PicNap™ over the years has grown into a home based business that provides the highest quality in natural hair care services in a home-like atmosphere. Clients have appreciated the close one-on-one interactions and rave about the timely services where the wait times for service are never long and exhaustive. PicNap has expanded and in addition to new services has also developed special programs and metaphysical techniques to assist clients in coping with all that life brings and assisting them with an over-all sense of well-being.