Meet the Stylists

Me, I’m Supa Fly Supa Dupa Fly
-Missy Elliot

The LocMama

Owner, Creative Director, Head Stylist
Kalimah “LocMama” Johnson is the proud owner of PicNap™ Natural Hair Care Studio. She has cultivated and refined her expertise in natural hair styles since the 1970’s. As a Master Loctician with several years of experience, her personal mission is to create a healthy black consciousness within her community. Her adoration for natural hair and her dedication to providing detailed attention to her clients has won her praise from the industry, but most importantly from her loyal client base.  The LocMama is a well rounded natural hair care artist/stylist and is an expert in the Sisterlocks™ technique, Interlocks, Traditional Locs and Creative Loc Styling and Repair.