The Salon

Styling, Profiling and Being…Fly


PicNap offers in-person consultations by appointment only. Consultations are provided on Friday’s only. Clients must schedule a consultation appointment with a stylist at least 30 minutes prior to arrival time. Consultations are scheduled for one guest per consultation. Please do not bring any guests with you to your consultation. Consultations are complimentary for the first 10 minutes. Consultations beyond 10 minutes are $10 up to 20 minutes. Any consultation over 20 minutes, but not exceeding 25 minutes is $25.00.

We understand that each client is different and has different needs. We take into consideration that every hairstyle is not for every hair condition. Some styles can be damaging depending on the condition of your hair, scalp or hairline. A consultation is a very important opportunity to freely express your concerns, ask questions and fully understand the services available. This is also a valuable time for your stylist to actually see your hair, scalp, and hairline and learn more about you and your lifestyle.

To fully evaluate your hair condition, your hair must be free of any extensions and should be in its natural state (i.e. not flat ironed or pressed). Yarn Braids are the only extension service we provide and on natural hair only.  If you need barbering or coloring services we will provide you with a referral list as PicNap Natural Hair Care Studio does not provide chemical services or cultivate in hair that has chemical present.  Your stylist will help you choose a style that looks great and offers the maximum benefits for you. For more information, or to find out about our available times and fees, please call 313.567.8235 or 313.606.2342.